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Why You Need A Conservatory For Your Home This Summer

Conservatories are incredibly common with homeowners in the UK. They are used for a multitude of purposes, come in all different shapes, sizes, colours, and designs, and we just can not seem to get enough of them! Approximately 18% of homes in the UK own a conservatory, which is incredible but at the same time, not that surprising. They can be spotted everywhere whilst driving through residential areas. Let’s put that 18% into perspective; that’s almost 1 in 5 homeowners! It just goes to show how many people are intrigued by the traditional style, appearance, and extra living space. People use conservatories for all different kinds of purposes such as an extra living room, a dining room, a games room for children, somewhere else in your home to chill and even more. When you own a conservatory, the possibilities for design are endless.

One of the massive benefits of owning a conservatory is their availability during the summer months. The vast majority of conservatories are connected from the house to the garden, meaning that during summer months, it is a great place to relax and be in the sun. Conservatories are also great because they provide extra seating and somewhere to go at night during the summer, which is extremely beneficial when having guests over. Traditionally, conservatories were used as greenhouses, and many people still use them for gardening. Plants in conservatories during the summer months are easier to sustain and grow much easier and faster. Speedy Conservatories believe that conservatories are the perfect addition to any home in the summer, that’s why we’ve provided you with great reasons why your home NEED’s a conservatory this summer.

With Speedy Conservatories, it is not too late to have a conservatory installed to your home in time for summer. Our average build time is just 7-days! That is why we are called Speedy Conservatories. If you wish to have your conservatory installed just in time for the summer, then get in contact with us as soon as possible by calling 01903 231000. We have designed and built conservatories all across West Sussex in areas such as Brighton, Horsham and, Worthing, from a variety of design ideas, home sizes, and bespoke ideas.

More Space for Your Home

If you live in a busy home, this benefit may especially apply to you. Busy houses during the summer may become hot, stuffy and irritating, especially when all you want to do is relax somewhere and enjoy the sun. A conservatory allows you to have that extra bit of living space in your home, meaning you can relax and enjoy the sun in comfort without common household irritations such as noise, heat, and interruptions. People may argue that if they want time alone in the sun to go and sit in the garden, but gardens definitely do not provide the same level of comfort and in a conservatory, you’re at very low risk of being hit with a ball being played with by energetic children.

Understandably, conservatories can also become too hot in the summer and a bit stuffy. If opening the doors and windows isn’t good enough for you, you may be interested in a solid conservatory. Solid conservatory roofs are tiled roofs for your conservatory, that are installed as an alternative to a polycarbonate roof. A massive selling point for solid conservatory roofs is that they contain insulation that keeps the conservatory cool during the summer and keeps the conservatory warm during the winter. Other benefits include more freedom to design, less noise pollution, and ability to use the conservatory all year round. If you are intrigued a solid conservatory roof and would like to find out more, please refer to our solid roofs page.

Natural Lighting

As the main building material of conservatories is generally polycarbonate glass. It allows natural lighting to enter your home, bringing out the best out of the furniture and interior design. Natural lighting through polycarbonate glass also welcomes heat inside your home, which is great for saving energy bills as it reduces the need for your heating to be turned on. Did you know there are actually many hidden health benefits of natural lighting? One of these is that it boosts vitamin D in your body. When your skin is exposed to natural sunlight, your skin absorbs vitamin D. Vitamin D is a crucial nutrient that prevents bone loss and greatly reduces the risk of heart disease, weight gain, and various cancers. Lighting from fluorescent or indoor lighting cannot provide you with the same benefits. Sitting in the conservatory isn’t just highly relaxing, but also has excellent health benefits.

When the sun goes down in the summer and the night is warm, sitting in your conservatory has another hidden benefit. If you are living in a remote area and you own a conservatory, it gives you the opportunity at night time to relax in your conservatory and stare at the stars. This provides an excellent opportunity to invite you friends round to relax or to continue to relax after having guests round in the day. Unfortunately, this isn’t likely a benefit if you are living in a residential. In most cases, light pollution in residential areas does not allow you to stargaze.


Traditional or modern conservatories are an excellent addition to any home and look incredible from the exterior of any home. Additionally, to their inside benefits, conservatories have been increasingly popular due to their fantastic aesthetics. Conservatories have always been available in a variety of different colours, shapes, and styles. In the summer, the shape and colours of a conservatory stand out and make a name for your property. Speedy Conservatories have constantly adapted to construct the conservatories that are being demanded as quickly and efficiently as possible. Below are the styles of conservatory that we offer:

  • The Edwardian/Georgian – The Edwardian is the UK’s most popular conservatory style. It offers practical living space, elegant styling, and can be constructed at all different scales. Edwardian conservatories styling benefits from a square shape coupled with an impressive, classically designed pitched roof. Another benefit is that it is easily adaptable to suit most properties. Even for bungalows and other height restricted buildings, there are still adaptations available
  • The Gable End – The Gable End is another classic design that takes inspiration from the original designs of orangery. These conservatories are much more spacious than their counterparts and are more suited to larger properties. With Gable End conservatories, more complex sunlounge combinations are also available, where height restriction adaptions are also available.
  • The Victorian – The classic design comprises a multi-faceted design. Similarly to The Edwardian, this conservatory design is fully adaptable and will suit all house styles and bungalows. For height restricted buildings like bungalows, there are adaptions available. Remember that due to the multi-faceted shape, the brickwork needed is more complex.
  • The ‘P’ Shaped – This more complex and unique style combines the Edwardian with the Sun-Lounge. It is better suited for larger properties, and offers spacious proportions with an imposing style. Similar to the Victorian, the brickwork is required is more complex due to the multi-faceted shape.
  • The Sun-Lounge – Also commonly known as the Mediterranean, This simple alternative is popular amongst homeowners with properties where back-height is an issue. Our unique low pitch roof offers all the aesthetics of our regular roofs with the advantage of using the same 35mm polycarbonate as the rest of our roof suite. Being versatile and adaptable, the sun-lounge is a more budget conscious style.

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