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Excellent Uses For Conservatories

In the UK, approximately 18% of homes have a variation of conservatory attached. That’s almost 1 in 5 households! This statistic proves how so many people are intrigued by the extra living space and the sophisticated exterior appearance. It is highly unlikely that you will drive through a residential area of the UK without spotting a conservatory at the back of somebody’s home. Conservatories are widely available in multiple different shapes and sizes, classic and modern, which allows many conservatory owners to be creative with how they decorate, design and use their conservatory. Many people even change the interior purpose of their conservatory as seasons change or as they believe their extra home space could be used for something else. Traditionally, conservatories were used in the 1700s to grow tropical or exquisite fruits as they attracted more heat and prevented rain from damaging the plants. Nowadays, conservatories are used for a multitude of purposes to cater to different peoples needs. If you are the proud owner of a conservatory or are interested in having a conservatory installed, then we have provided you with some excellent uses for your new or existing conservatory for this summer or for all year round.

If you do not currently own a conservatory and want one to be constructed on to your home before the end of the summer, you are not too late! Speedy Conservatories can install brand new conservatories in a range of different styles in approximately 7-days; that is why we call ourselves Speedy! For many years we have designed and installed conservatories in the West Sussex area in locations such as Brighton, Worthing, and Horsham. If you require more information regarding the conservatories that we offer or any other services that we offer, feel free to contact us to request a quote or brochure.

Games Room

This option is extremely popular among parents and their children. By using the conservatory as a games room, it allows parents to have their own personal space to do what they enjoy while allowing their children to play. Using the conservatory as a games room also prevents children from being further away in the house or from being stuck playing games in their room all day. Additionally, in modern times, games that children usually play are video games that require a TV for them to be played. If you have an extra TV in your home, why not have it in the conservatory for the purpose of video games? This will prevent arguments over whos using the TV for what in the main living room of the house. By having an extra TV in the conservatory, you are also enabling it to be another living room when it is not being used as a games room.

Extra Living Room

This is perhaps the most common use for a conservatory. Many people design their conservatories to be more like a living room so that they have extra space in their own homes to relax and unwind. An example of this is if different people in the house want to watch a different TV programme at the same time or if there’s a sports match on that clashes with someone else in the houses favourite TV programme. Having extra living space in the house is excellent for allowing everybody to have their own free time, doing what they enjoy. Using a conservatory as a living room in the summer is also extremely beneficial. As the weather is hotter, your home will be much hotter too, and in hot weather, no one wants to be crammed into the same room. An extra living room allows you to relax in separate rooms and not become overly hot.

Unfortunately, conservatories can become overly hot in the summer on sunny days. For this problem, there is only one true solution. Tiled conservatory roofs contain insulation which keeps your conservatory cool when the weather is warm. The insulation also keeps your conservatory warm when the weather is colder. Tiled roofs can also transform the interior appearance of your conservatory and make it look like more of an extension. If you intend of having a conservatory installed for use all year or to be more like an extension, we recommend having it installed with a tiled conservatory roof. Please do not hesitate to call us to inquire about the possibility of conservatory installation with a tiled conservatory roof or to have a tiled conservatory roof installed on to your existing conservatory.

Dining Room

By using your conservatory as a dining room, you are allowing your friends and family to dine in a naturally lit area, with plenty of additional room for design creativity. This also allows spacious rooms in your home intended for dining rooms to be used for something else, such as another living room, a utility room, or a games room. Dining rooms in your conservatory are also very useful during the summer if you are planning on hosting barbeques. By having a table next to your garden, you are allowing space to place the barbequed food or for people to sit inside to eat their food. This also prevents the need for fold up tables and chairs, keeping clean up time after the social events at a minimum. Another benefit of using your conservatory is a dining room is that it is easy to get rid of the food smell. As conservatories have large open windows, the smell can be extracted quickly and will not let other areas of the house be affected, besides the kitchen.

Extra Kitchen Space

Anyone who uses a kitchen regularly knows how frustrating it can be when it is crowded or there isn’t enough space; that is why many people use their conservatories as extra kitchen space. This way, people can cook and prepare meals without the added stress of being overcrowded or trying to fit too much food on the side of the kitchen. Having an overcrowded kitchen can commonly lead to mistakes being made that can be unhygienic or spoil the quality of the food. Using your conservatory as extra kitchen space is also beneficial as it allows cooler air to enter your kitchen, which is needed as hobs, grills and ovens can make the room hot and uncomfortable. Similarly to the benefit of using your conservatory as a dining room, the smell of food can also leave your home faster from the large windows and doors. When using the hob or grill in your kitchen, sometimes smoke may come off of the pans or tray, which can occasionally set off the smoke alarm in your home. The large windows and doors in your conservatory can help release the smoke from your home, also helping to turn off your smoke alarm.

Gardening Room

The traditional use for conservatories. In the UK, many people still choose to use their conservatories for gardening purposes. This is because more tropical plants can be grown due to the extra heat and moisture produced in the conservatory, and they will not be damaged by rain or winter weather. Conservatories for the purpose of gardening are also very cost effective if you are planning to grow fruit and vegetables. Due to lighting and heat, fruit and vegetables can grow quickly, which can save you from having to buy your own fruit and vegetables from grocers or supermarkets.

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