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Conservatories in Brighton

Are you searching fora conservatory in Brighton? If so, perhaps consider Speedy Conservatories, based in Worthing, just 14 miles from Brighton. We are a family run company with over 35 years of experience in the industry. Our conservatories incorporate the most up-to-date technology when it comes to design and functionality, so we are very confident that you’ll absolutely love the products we offer.

We provide our services to customers throughout Brighton and all surrounding areas. No job is ever too difficult for us, so you can always count on Speedy Conservatories to deliver an excellent service and finished product.


Are you looking to expand your home? Or does your current conservatory need an upgrade? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then we would highly recommend that you purchase a brand-new conservatory.

Benefits of Adding a Conservatory to Your Home:

  1. Additional Living Space

One of the most obvious benefits to having a conservatory is the additional space for your home. Depending on your personal reasons for purchasing a conservatory, you may want your conservatory for a specific reason. Some people use it as an extra room in their house, in order to suit their living style. They may also want their conservatory to be used as a dining room, playroom or another type of room to expand their home.

  1. Adds Value

A conservatory can massively impact on the value of your property. It can be a great appeal to future buyers and is a generally good selling point when looking to sell your property. It is estimated that a conservatory can add around 5% additional value to your home, so it’s definitely worth considering the investment!

  1. Aesthetical Appeal

Your conservatory will also add a great aesthetical value to your home. We have a wide variety of different conservatory styles available to suit your preferences. From Edwardian to the Sun-Lounge style, we will definitely have an option that you love. As a company, we have adapted our conservatories for the English climate, taste and architectural styles!

  1. Flexibility

A conservatory can be used for virtually any purpose. Whether you just want an extra room to socialise in or wish to turn it into a bedroom, the possibilities are endless. No matter what you’re looking for in a conservatory, Speedy Conservatories can build you the perfect end product, that will allow you to use it in any way you wish. 


Unlike many other providers, we offer quick and simple solutions for all of our conservatory builds. You won’t be waiting weeks or even months for your conservatory to be built when you choose Speedy Conservatories, as we incorporate a speedy system. This is known as the SpeedyBase system, which allows our team to build your conservatory in around 7 days!

The SpeedyBase process is much better than more traditional systems due to the speed and ease at which it can be built. The base arrives in kit form and is suitable for a range of different constructions, so it is ideal for homes that have restricted access or an uneven site.  Our dedicated team will work hard to ensure your conservatory is built in good time, and at a high standard.

With SpeedyBase, you also have the peace of mind that your product is going to last for many years to come and beyond. There is a 25-year guarantee on all of our conservatories!


  1. Easy

The team at Speedy Conservatories will make the process easy and simple for you. Our innovative system SpeedyBase means that less of the structural work is required to complete the conservatory. It also incorporates a steel frame, meaning that the foundations require minimal digging. You can also complete much of the work yourself, which is ideal for budget-conscious customers.

  1. Quick

Your conservatory can be built in a matter of days. If you choose to go with Speedy Conservatories, your conservatory will can be built quickly and easily with our steel frame base. Once the base has been installed then the red brick modular walls can be put together in just a few hours. If you are tight for time, we can help to ensure your conservatory is complete when you need it.

  1. No Waste

Unlike most traditional conservatory builds, our SpeedyBase arrives in kit form and can be used for both commercial and DIY construction. It only requires concrete pads to be placed at several points around the base, meaning there is much less waste to dispose of. There is far less excavation work involved when you use our base.

  1. Cost Effective

The SpeedyBase system is able to work around existing structures, so you won’t need to spend lots of money relocating manholes or drains. When work needs to be done in tighter areas, we ensure that our work can take place. Most basic foundations will usually require additional excavation – you won’t get this hassle with us.

  1. Guarantee

We offer a 25-year guarantee to all our customers who choose SpeedyBase. We have confidence in our products and we want to make sure that every single customer receives an excellent service. Our warranty means that you’ll never have to worry about your conservatory – if you have any issues within the 25 years, simply get in touch and we work with you to resolve the problem. All of our frames also carry a full 10-year guarantee.

As a family run business, we want to ensure that we satisfy our customers. With over 35 years of experience in the industry, we have the expertise to create an excellent end product. No matter what type of product you are after, we’ll make sure your project is successful. You can count on us to design and build you a beautiful conservatory for your home. 

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