Solid Roofs

With the clever use of modern building materials our Orangeries can be designed to incorporate the features of the main house in terms of brickwork, roof tile colour and even roo ng pitch and also come with a wide range of design options from the traditional to the contemporary - much like a traditional extension. You may even want to consider the latest bi-folding doors and Velux roo ights into the overall design, for added exibility.

Thanks to the exibility of WARMroof technology, we can cater for all types of extension design, helping to make your additional living space a true part of the home. We can also replace the roof on many existing conservatories, often keeping the window/door frames and basework, thereby completely transforming the existing space into something truly aspirational and luxurious.

When it comes to product design we can also offer innovative details, such as a striking canopy feature that can offer shade from the sun, a place to relax in the evening or even somewhere to sit and enjoy a little open-air dining. These features can also incorporate external spotlights, lighting up your patio long after the sun goes down.

Warmroof Brochure Worthing
Warmroof Brighton Brochure 1 22
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