Glass Specifications


  External Pane Internal Pane Heat Retention (U Value) Argon Filled Solar Factor Heat Reflect UV Protection
Standard Glass Clear Clear 2.8 N/A 75% 25% 25%
Aqua Green Self Clean Tough Low E 1.2 Yes 28% 32% N/A
Blue Blue Self Clean Tough Low E 1.2 Yes 41% 49% N/A
Bronze Bronze Tough Low E 1.2 Yes 59% 54% N/A
Celsius Clear Neutral Easy Clean Tough Low E 1.0 Yes 42% 58% 73%
Celsius Elite Blue Easy Clean Tough Low E 0.9 Yes 22% 78% 94%
Celsius One Blue Easy Clean Tough 1.0 Yes 22% 78% 94%


  Tint/Colour Heat Retention (U Value) Light Transmitting Solar Factor
35mm Clear Clear 1.2 63% 64%
35mm Bronze Bronze 1.2 7% 29%
35mm Opal Opal 1.2 31% 49%
35mm Bronze Opal Bronze & Opal 1.2 7% 23%
35mm Heatguard Opal Silver & Opal 1.2 4% 12%
Celsius Glass Illustration

The figures shown (left) are for guide purposes only. Slight variations may occur due to glass specification, time of year, manufacturing tolerance, point of manufacture and type of instrumentation used.

U-Value: This is used to measure internal heat loss during cooler periods. The lower the number, the greater the insulation.

Solar Factor: This is the percentage of total solar energy (or heat from the sun) able to pass through the glass.

UV Protection: Sun damaging UV rays are dramatically reduced, allowing greater protection of your furniture and fabrics.

Celsius Performance Glass utilises a Low-E and Solar control combination coating and Argon lled cavity to control the amount of visible light, UV and heat that pass through the glazed unit.

Easy Clean technology is added to reduce maintenance requirements.

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