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Conservatory Upgrades Brighton

For decades conservatories have been a highly popular home extension the United Kingdom and across the world. Conservatories give you the freedom to have an extra room in your home and how you use that room is entirely up to you. As with many things, as conservatories age, they begin to lose efficiency and their quality can deteriorate. An example of this is many old conservatories begin to lose their ability to regulate temperature, or the glass may be stained or damaged which can alter the lighting entering the conservatory. This is why Speedy Conservatories offer a variety of conservatory upgrades in Brighton, minor and major. Each of our conservatory upgrade options has a different purpose and different design to suit your preferences. Our conservatory design options allow you to either recreate the entire appearance of your conservatory or make a minor adjustment to bring back complete efficiency to your conservatory. 

Glass Roof Upgrade


Speedy conservatories offer a glass roof upgrade for older conservatories with Polycarbonate roof’s or glass roofs that are no longer effective. We will replace your current roof with strong and insulating uPVC double glazed glass, which can enable your conservatory to have a maintained temperature all-year-round. Our uPVC glass is also completely clear, meaning your conservatory can become a lighter airier room. A lighter room also allows more opportunity for design in your conservatory that can be enhanced by natural lighting.

Many older modern conservatory roofs are constructed with a medium-strength plastic called polycarbonate. Polycarbonate slightly insulated conservatories, however, its main role is to protect the conservatory from wet weather. Polycarbonate roofs are also commonly opaque, meaning they can be quite dark places. If you currently have a conservatory that was constructed with a polycarbonate roof, you’ll probably notice that your conservatory is very cold during the winter months, which also cause the rest of your home to be significantly colder. As frustrating as it is comfort-wise, it can also drastically increase your heating bills. By choosing to upgrade to a modern uPVC glass roof, you can save money on your heating bills, whilst making the most out of your conservatory.

If you are interested or require more information regarding upgrading your current conservatory roof to a more modern uPVC glass roof, call our expert team today!

Conservatory to Orangery Upgrade

Conservatory Design Worthing

Speedy Conservatories offer conservatory conversions to orangeries. If your conservatory is old, ineffective, or you just would prefer to have an orangery attached to your home, we can effectively convert your old conservatory into a brand new orangery. Orangeries have progressively become a popular alternative to regular conservatories. Similarly to conservatories, orangeries have many glass properties, including a glass roof. The main difference between conservatories and orangeries is that orangeries are mainly structured with brick, alternatively to conservatories that are mainly structured with glass. Due to this, the interior of orangeries can appear more like a combination between a conservatory and an extension, and because of the brick walls, it allows more opportunity for interior design.

If you are interested or require more information regarding upgrading your current conservatory into an orangery, call our expert team today!

Solid Conservatory Roof Upgrade


Did you know your conservatory can effectively be converted into an extension by only changing one part? By changing your conservatory roof from glass or polycarbonate to a regular tiled roof, your conservatory can appear like an extension on the interior and exterior of your home. Speedy Conservatories offer solid conservatory roof upgrades throughout Brighton. Solid conservatory roofs have many benefits, such as tackling the issue of your conservatory being too cold to use during the winter and being too warm to use during the summer. Solid conservatory roofs contain insulation which helps to keep your conservatory warm during cold weather and cool during warm weather.

If you are interested or require more information regarding upgrading your current conservatory roof to a tiled solid roof, call our expert team today or visit our solid roofs page!

Conservatory Roof Upgrade Brighton

If your current conservatory is old, the temperature isn't regulated, or you would just like to upgrade your existing conservatory with a more efficient roof. Call our expert team at Speedy Conservatories today with your existing conservatory specifications, your design preferences and requirement. We can listen to your current situation and advise the ideal solution for you.

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