Conservatories Horsham

18th September 2018

Conservatories Horsham - Explained by Speedy Conservatories 


If you are looking to extend your home then why not consider a conservatory? Conservatories are an excellent way of adding space to your home, as well as increasing the overall value and look of a property.

Speedy Conservatories, based in West Sussex, are a family run company who can design and install the perfect conservatory for your home. We are based just 30 minutes from Horsham so we can easily take on your conservatory project, just get in touch and speak to one of our team. When choosing the right home improvement company, it can be daunting as you want to make sure you get things right. The team at Speedy Conservatories are experienced in this field and have taken on many projects for customers so be rest assured we will do everything we can to make sure that your conservatory is perfect.

If you live in Horsham or near Horsham and would like to discuss your conservatory ideas with our team, please call 01903 231000 today!


Quality Conservatories with Speedy Conservatories


At Speedy Conservatories, we take pride in our ability to provide customers with durable and quality conservatories. SPEEDYBASE is our innovative base system that we use to build and install all conservatories. It is unique and offers a much more effective solution so that the project takes less time but is more efficient in the build and structure.

There are many reasons why SPEEEDBASE is the better option to a more traditional system:

  1. Quicker

If you choose to go with our foundation base construction then your conservatory can be built very quickly on pad foundations. Once the base frame has been installed then the brick walls can be installed in a matter of hours. With a wet system, this will normally incur a much longer build time. Our system will ensure you aren’t waiting weeks for your conservatory to be finished.

  1. Easier

Taking on a large conservatory project may be difficult for some homeowners. Our base system makes it easy for you to do much of the work yourself, which cuts the cost of the project. This is highly valuable to those who are on a tight budget or do not wish to spend as much on their conservatory

  1. Less Waste

The SPEEDYBASE arrives in kit form and can be used for both professional and DIY construction. The only foundations that are required are concrete pads that are placed at strategic points around the base. Therefore, less excavation work is required and waste material to dispose of. Other methods of base construction will incur a lot more waste.

  1. Cost Effective

The SPEEDYBASE is an extremely cost-effective system that will save you money in the short and long term. Our base can work around existing structures so you won’t have to worry about any drains or manholes that appear to be in the way. Even if you have an uneven site we can still work around this and build you the perfect conservatory.

  1. Warranty

A 25-year guarantee on SPEEDYBASE gives you the peace of mind that your conservatory will last for many years to come. If you have any issues with it within that time frame then simply get in touch with our team and we will resolve the issue as quickly as we can.

Conservatories Near Horsham

Our Conservatories Horsham service puts the customer first to ensure that the end product is finished to a high standard. If you want a reliable company that is going to deliver for you, choose Speedy Conservatories! For more information on our products and services, please get in touch on 01903 231000


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